Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

General Information 

Our priority is ensuring the health and safety of all residents and staff of Three Crowns Park. We remain vigilant with infection control, surveillance for illness and screening the health and wellness of all staff members prior to every work shift.

Ongoing Measures in Our Community

As advised by the City of Evanston Department of Public Health, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Three Crowns Park implemented the following measures released by CMS on March 13th. Any new measure will be implemented as they are communicated by all agencies.

Visitation is restricted to essential medical visitors. Restricting ALL visitors is now mandatory for long-term care facilities nationwide. Essential medical visitors include physicians, hospice nurses, hospice CNAs, and emergency medical professionals approved by our HealthCare Administrator. Caregivers who support residents in Independent Living are also considered essential at this time. Essential medical visitors are being screened for symptoms and having temperatures taken upon entering the building. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE. Family/volunteers/other visitors are still NOT allowed to enter Three Crowns Park.

Social distancing in effect: We are delivering meals to all residents in their apartments/rooms in Landstrom Manor, Colfax House, McDaniel House, Hartrey House and Elsa House. Meals are made available via floor distribution in McDaniel Courts Independent Living instead of communal dining. All group activities have been cancelled throughout the community.

Our Health & Rehabilitation Center: Both individual and group therapy sessions are discontinued.

Residents Leaving Campus: Residents that choose to leave Campus for reasons other than essential medical visits and/or to stay with family and friends, will be asked not to return for the foreseeable future or to self-quarantine in their apartment.

Delivering items for residents: Dropping off supplies, medication and/or food for residents is welcomed. If you are dropping off items, we ask that you pull up to the front door and drop any items labeled with resident name and room number in the vestibule at the front door.

Daily employee and essential medical visitor health screenings: Screenings are taking place amongst every employee and essential medical visitor. A Health Screener is stationed at the Front Desk to check temperature and for symptoms. 

Independent Living residents: Residents are being screened regularly for fever. For any resident who is experiencing additional symptoms like cough, sore throat or respiratory symptoms are to remain in their apartments and notify staff immediately.

Communication to families: Important information and updates will be shared by email and or phone at this time. If you have recently changed your email or phone number, please be sure to update us by sending an email to

Resident wellness: We realize these changes may feel drastic for residents. We are taking steps to help them feel connected to the outside world and to each other via our resident portal, skype, facetime, virtual classes, and web links to website based content. 

Further Resources

Illinois Department of Public Health

Center for Disease Control

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