Covid-19 Update

COVID-19 Testing Update: 

Week of May 3rd – We are reporting an employee positive in McDaniel Courts independent living. The employee is isolating at home. We wish them a speedy a recovery.


The Health and Safety of our Community

The COVID-19 pandemic immediately impacted Three Crowns Park and propelled us into crisis management mode to protect our team members and community members from the virus.

At the very beginning of the pandemic, we incurred significant emergency costs for personal protection equipment, additional staffing, temporary staff housing, and repeated testing of all residents and staff. And through these challenges, our Life Enrichment team developed creative new activities and used technologies to keep our community together while being physically distant.

But COVID-19 is not yet behind us. To offset the extraordinary expenses associated with maintaining a resilient, safe, and active environment, we ask for your continued support so that Three Crowns Park can continue to do what it does best – build community and provide exceptional care.

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